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Even being on a lower platform that can be shot through give the player an advantage.All mirelurk variants have a chance to be pacified through the Wasteland Whisperer perk.

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The face is unarmored but a small target, and when charging a mirelurk will often lower its head to protect this area.

However, the face will inevitably be exposed once the creature commences close combat.

Her acidic spittle rapidly damages anyone caught in it, but crippling her spouts will prevent her from using it.

Once combat is initiated, the queen will occasionally eject a barrage of eggs that spawn a wave of hatchlings, an ability that is considered a grenade attack and therefore comes with the respective warning icons on the screen.

Due to steady absorption of large quantities of radiation these mirelurks glow with its superabundance; their undersides are positively luminescent and a notable build up of radiation in its eyestalks gives them a distinct feature even among "glowing" creatures.

Glowing mirelurks inflict radiation damage on top of the ballistic damage.

The queen, on the other hand, has a shell that resembles that of a giant isopod or spider crab. Finally, the mirelurk king is unique in that it bears no resemblance to any sort of crustacean, and may instead be a heavily mutated frog or fish.

All mirelurks (excluding mirelurk kings and softshell mirelurks) are protected by a thick shell which is difficult to penetrate, even with powerful ballistic weapons.

She benefits from the same resistance as the regular mirelurks: an incredibly thick shell but a very soft skin.

Subsequent respawns may have her either already emerged and idling in her area, or else submerged if her first spawning-in is triggered by killing nearby mirelurks.

Because of their unique fighting style, melee weapons with the legendary modifiers "Penetrating" (attacks ignore 30% of enemy's damage resistance) and "Exterminator's" (specific bonus damage to mirelurks) are very useful against them.