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Download and read all about the Best in the Berkshires 2015: Community, Dining, Shopping, Nightlife, Arts & Culture and Home & Design Download The Best 2015 (PDF)OR Click on any of the links below to read the Best Berkshire Record Magazine awards in text format: • Community Editors | Readers • Shopping Editors | Readers • Dining Editors | Readers • Arts & Culture Editors | Readers • Nightlife Editors | Readers INTRODUCTION: My name’s Gigi — Ms., Mrs., I’m done with all that—just Gigi. After the Cute Baby contest, the cultural landscape was pretty much exhausted. before we head out on the town for a night of merengue and whatever else the serendipitous Berkshire breezes bring our way.

THE BERKSHIRE RECORD MAGAZINE Finding the Best of what the Berkshires has to offer was certainly no easy task. (For those of you too green to remember, it has something to do about giving a damn.

We asked you, the Berkshire Record, Berkshire Courier and The Berkshire View readers to help us and... After tallying thousands of votes (from as far north as Florida, Mass. and as far west as Albany, NY), we bring you The Berkshire Record Magazine's The Best 2015. If you’ve been reading my postcards to the Record these past three months, you know all this. Google it.) You see, that’s the thing about being a “woman of a certain age,” as they say.

Undantag här, undantag där, till slut ska allas tröjor upp i taket.

Saturday, December 9 Ring in the holiday season with Victorian charm as St.

There is nary an empty storefront downtown and on weekends it can be hard to find a parking space. And in contrast to a lot of politicians, Downing’s posts are a mix of business and personal.

Some might see that as a drawback, but searching for a parking spot also means you’re in a town that other people want to be in. Now if town officials could just find something to do with those two abandoned schools. He is just as likely to post about a bill he sponsored as he is about the basketball team at Providence College, his alma mater.Jane Iredale’s organization supports Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and has been in partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer for seven years.Iredale also believes in being a meaningful supporter of the community, regularly contributing to Construct, Berkshire Humane Society, Berkshire Grown, Women’s Cancer Wellness Fund, Berkshire Creative, Berkshire Botanical Gardens and Fairview Hospital.Best Local Historian Gary Leveille Gary Leveille is one of the top historians in his field.He is also a photographer, corporate copywriter, freelance writer, editor, and educator.Henke mot Joel (Lundqvist), fast på en annat sätt än man tänker spontant ... Det går att, som Kallio själv gjorde i ett snack med GP, anse att just den regeln borde ändras med tanke på att få spelare stannar så länge i en och samma klubb i dag. tja, få är så älskade av Frölundas fans som just Tomi Kallio. *** Förresten, det här mellan perioden-mojset jag höll på med mot Mora …