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You’re running a TV or magazine campaign for a digital product sale.It’s likely to bring lots of new visitors to your site. You and your team didn’t consider how to track traffic and now you’ve got a flood of additional visitors to your website creating a spike in traffic and you don’t know exactly where they came from! There’s only really one reason why you got this big traffic spike and it’s because you didn’t add a discount code or other means of recording the visitors to your website that were exposed to this campaign.

Solution C – You were in a hurry, or someone distracted you and you used the wrong URL in the builder tool so a different landing page has been used to build your custom URL.Solution – Go get the correct landing page URL for your advert and run it through the builder tool again.Here’s 29 of the most common errors, likely causes and ways you can correct them.I’m assuming you are using Universal Analytics analytics.js: Before we begin: Did You Know, there are two [Google Analytics] methods for gathering user data from your website?Customizing the Google Analytics code is a team effort and will require constant measurement and evaluation to get things humming.

During the refinement process you are likely to find some of these errors occurring.

By using the Google URL Builder Tool and the Mobile URL Builder Tool (for mobile applications) you can add “Parameters” (little extensions) to your campaign URLs that lets Analytics identify where your visitor came from.

There are several reasons why a custom campaign would not be tracked correctly, but most will be due to manually adding parameters incorrectly in one way or another. Solution A – You’re a smart developer and you like to build code into your projects manually but this time you got it wrong. Keep it simple and your manager off your back; use the URL Builder Tool.

Solution A – Add a discount code or vanity url that is exclusive to that particular campaign which will bring visitors to a specific landing page on you site allowing you track traffic.

Solution B – Better again, redirect the vanity URL that you’ll use in your campaign to a “Custom Campaign” with campaign parameters mentioned above, that you can create with the URL Builder Tool. Errors resulting from poor implementation of Google Analytics spanning multiple domains or subdomains can spell disaster for your data results.

Solution A – One way to handle cross domain tracking using Universal Analytics is to utilize the auto Link Plugin.