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Just about any other job will put more money in your pocket so you can buy a 'real' ticket. Were you warned about this before you begin working as a FA?And is there anything else you can tell me you think would be important? i am fa with delta connection and not mesa although i know some mesa fa's.

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Norwegian confirmed to the Local that a member of the cabin crew delivered the message, but would not offer any other comment regarding the incident.

Nonetheless it's safe to say the couple's mile high initiation went much smoother than previous attempts.

Personally, I detest what they call 'non rev' flying.

I buy tickets on travelocity when i want to go someplace and Know I at least have a seat. You know there must be some truth to this because I have read a lot of FA saying the same thing. I wonder why the government haven't step in and did something.

Honestly, the pay is so low and then there are the expenses of uniforms, dry cleaning those uniforms, meals on the road, luggage and luggage repairs, etc etc that it is hardly worth it just for travel bennies.

Sure, you can travel cheap/free but it is standby and most planes are full and you never know if you are getting on the plane or getting back home.Thanks for your response, it has helped with the decision i have made.But I think that I will try the training and see how it goes then leave it in God hands. But FA is something I have always considered doing becuase it seems like they make a lot of easy, fun, money. Sure, most jobs have their negative side BUT how many jobs are there that put your health in jeopardy for such piddly wages? that's what I thought too eight years ago when I became an FA... Everything I ever worked for, my car, my home, my savings will all be gone soon because I thought... I'm part of a large group of FA's and pilots in the same boat and I'd like to spare other people from making a disastrous mistake. I dont accept the job just because my base will be in Arizona, and I have a 7 years relation here and its not fare to give up that relation for a job. but I am nervous because I have a family, in school, and make decent money. Long, hard days, poverty wages and damaging consequences to your health. I can't work my FA job or ANY other job for at least another six months and I'm living on disability insurance which barely covers my mortgage.But since I do have a husband and paid for car I shouldn't have much to worry about, nothing but being gone a lot and my health.