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Buzz Feed previously revealed information about the night of the sex assault, during which Vandenburg and three other players allegedly smashed through a security door before one of the suspects covered a surveillance camera in the hallway with a towel.

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According to Buzz Feed sources, unnamed objects were also employed to sexually penetrate the unconscious student, and Vandenburg used his cell phone to allegedly take graphic photos and record video, which he later sent to four people.Earlier appearance: The alleged rape is believed to have taken place in Vandenburg's room, and the victim did not think he would have allowed anything bad to happen to her (Vandenburg seen here on October 16) He was most recently seen at a hearing on Tuesday before Thanksgiving where his new attorneys claimed he is 'absolutely innocent' as the evidence against him has been 'exaggerated and completely oversold'.In this case, property damage meant that the crime was not legally recognized as damaging to the victim, but instead to her father or husband's property. states had criminalized the concept of marital rape by 1993.Therefore, by definition a husband could not rape his wife. No such concept exists in the law of some jurisdictions.The concept of date rape, however, is relatively new.

Historically, date rape has been taken less seriously than rape by a stranger, but, since the 1980s, it has been increasingly understood to be a serious societal problem that constitutes the majority of rapes in some countries.Many societies rank the seriousness of a rape based on the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim."An assault by a stranger is more likely to be seen as a 'real rape' than one by some-one known to the victim." Because of this cultural conception, many date rapes are considered to be less serious than stranger rapes because the nature of the perpetrator-victim relationship, especially for those who have had a prior or current sexual relationship.Acquaintance rape also includes rapes in which the victim and perpetrator have been in a non-romantic, non-sexual relationship, for example as co-workers or neighbors.Historically, in much of the world, rape was seen as a crime of theft of a man's property (usually either a husband or father).As Kersti Yllö states in the prologue of Understanding Marital Rape In a Global Context, "In some cultures, consent is not even something that an individual wife can give.