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Olivia Tallent, daughter of Garry Tallent who is in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, had the wonderful pleasure of making Harry's acquaintance when Harry showed up to enjoy the band's performance at Wembley Stadium last night as part of their The River tour.

And, also obviously, captioned the adorable photo, "new boyfriend," on Twitter, because why waste the chance?

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His longtime girlfriend Emily believes his talent could take him all the way - but Chris worships at the altar of Bobby Beers, the fiery frontman for heavy metal legends Steel Dragon.

By day, Chris still lives at home with his parents and spends his days repairing copy machines.

The night his bandmates boot him out of the group, Chris is devastated - until an unexpected phone call changes his life forever: He, Chris Cole, has been tapped to replace Bobby Beers as the lead singer of Steel Dragon.

In an instant, Chris rockets to the dizzying heights of sudden stardom, rising from devotee to icon, from rock fan to rock god - the wanna-be who got to be.

The film turns into a morality tale that wants to provide us with a sappy destination.

The filmmakers might as well stop everything, appear on screen and say: "now audience, the moral of the story is " We understand the theme, but it's too instantaneous.

"Rock Star" is not a great movie-see "Almost Famous" if you want a remarkable film about rock and roll-but for Marky Mark, it's a turning point in his career.

Because who wouldn't call Prince Harry their boyfriend if given the opportunity? ) couple alert started making headlines after the young royal was posed in a photograph that labeled him as a young woman's boyfriend. So, obviously, the 19-year-old took a snap with Harry.

Although Chris already sings for his own tribute rock group called Blood Pollution, instead of writing his own songs, he insists on performing only those by Steel Dragon, and only in the exact way they perform them.

His group becomes irritated with Chris' obsessions and gives him the boot. They have seen Chris' tapes and want him to replace the recently fired lead singer.

Wahlberg, a former singer/model, has made movies like "Fear," "Boogie Nights" "Three Kings," and most recently Tim Burton's lacking remake "Planet of the Apes." I am starting to admire the young actor more and more. She creates a chemistry-rich relationship with Chris that induces audience participation.