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Once you’re happy to meet who we select you meet for a date and the rest is down to you as chemistry is not something we can control, it’s indefinable.

If you had a good first date then we recommend you meet for a second date as sometimes chemistry is a slow burn, you won’t always get fireworks on a first date, trust us.

What’s more is that we have shown consistently that most of our members don’t get past their fourth match with us as they find that special person to start a relationship with.

To that end we are proud to say that we have a high number of members in long term relationships, they listened to us, trusted us and met everyone we suggested.

Interesting, attractive, intelligent people who are financially independent and looking to meet a long term partner they can share a life with.

They may have tried internet dating and are frustrated with it or they may have never tried it because they want something more discreet and confidential which is exactly what we provide.

If you want to find love and meet singles in Brighton, speed dating in Brighton is the perfect solution.

Brighton singles attend Brighton dating events at venues such as Koba on Western Road.

Our client testimonials, business and industry awards speak of our successes.

We also want you to get the most out of your membership, after all it’s a big investment.

We don’t force people to go on dates as people aren’t widgets.

What we will say though is that you need to trust us as this is what we do every day and we are good at it.

Our members are proactive about finding love and that’s what they all have in common.