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Miller gave him and promised him more if he took her and if he did not keep the animal Williamson was to have the for use of the animal.

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During their residence there ill feeling arose between them and Bobbitt, caused, it is said by Bobbitt having forced them to leave the country on account of some crooked deals.

A few years ago they removed to West Texas in the Panhandle.

County officers here claim that they hired Miller to kill Bobbitt, turning the money over to Burrell, who placed it in Miller's hands.

The fear that justice would not be done in the trial of Miller is said to have been the cause of the mob's actions, and the information of the acquittal of Stephenson at Norman for the murder of City Marshal Cathey at Pauls Valley is said to have had an influence in causing the mob to act. Miller had a telephone message from Miller's wife this morning in Fort Worth.

John Williamson who was arrested in connection with the killing of A. Bobbitt on the 27th of February has been released on a ,500 bond.

Oscar Peeler who lives on the Mc Lain farm west of Ardmore is in jail charged with complicity in the affair. John Williamson, a man about 24 years, living at Francis is the person who turned state's evidence.

It is said also that West killed a man named Picket in Duncan about ten years ago and was acquitted.

It seems that Pickett had before that time killed a brother of West.

He was the only man in jail charged with the killing who was spared. In his story he said Miller came to his house and borrowed a mare.

A deal was made between the two men for the purchase of the animal.

Shortly after dusk last night, the guards at the jail saw two men go through the old stable and look around, supposedly for a good place in which to hang the men. She said that Miller's body would be prepared for burial in Ada and it would be shipped to Fort Worth.