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Indeed, the stock market has finally revealed itself to many Christians as being nothing more than the “socially-acceptable gambling” that it always has been. For a deeper understanding of the differences between, and historical significance of, these two Bible translations please read our English Bible History page.

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Matthew-Tyndale Bibles and Great Bibles of the 1540’s start at almost ,000 and go up to many times that for the First Editions of the 1530’s.

Coverdale Bibles of the 1530’s start in six-figures, and Wycliffe’s manuscript New Testaments of the 1300’s to 1400’s go into the millions of dollars!

A Bible’s value depends mostly on the completeness, condition, content, and size of its pages…

and not on the age of the piece of leather that it happens to be bound in at this time.

Unlike real estate however, it is highly unlikely such treasures will continue to be affordable in decades to come..the finite supply is continually bought-up by collectors and institutions.

They cannot lose nearly half their value in one year, like many stock market funds have done recently. A four-century-old English Family Bible makes the ideal family heirloom.Your children can gain a deeper appreciation for the Bible by holding one of the earliest English printings in their hands.Contact Us to discuss what is currently available in our inventory.If you want to build a collection, rather than just obtain one or two ancient Bibles, you may want to eventually acquire a very rare Bishops Bible (the “rough draft” of the King James Version), and perhaps a Rheims New Testament, which are in that same price range.They can rebind your Bible in your choice of leather color and texture, stamp any design or words you please into the leather spine or covers, and even add metal clasps or ornamentation.