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I am a 23 year old from Manchester in England and have recently gained a Bachelors degree from the university of Leeds.Whilst at home in my old bedroom during the easter holidays from University, i was in that half asleep half dreaming state which occurrs just before you dooze off to sleep, when i heard what can only be described as loud church bells chiming that funeral march tune(There is no church near my house!

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” Suddenly I was awake, like someone had flipped a switch and I never had that dream again.This place had a higher number of deaths associated with surgeries than any other clinic my friend had worked at.We rushed into my parents room however they had heard nothing.Eventually me and my sister got back to sleep and the event became one o f those story’s you tell your friends, however 3 months later my mum announced at 48 she was pregnant, was my little brother Steven announcing his unexpected arrival in style?The opening page of the system contains an instructional video that will guide the BM in using the facility. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please print a copy of the Balik Manggagawa Information Sheet and bring the Following: A.

From: [email protected]: [email protected]: Reader Submission Date: Friday, June 21, 2002 PM Hi this is a true story which happened to me last year.

I was overwhelmed with fear, but I remember wondering why this was happening to me because I didn’t work there.

I remember stopping just before I got t o the kennel room, turning around, and yelling out “Hey I don’t work here!

The figure just stood there staring at her and then looked over at me before disappering. He said that recently his little 5-year-old sister had been hit by a car and died immediatly.

Since she hadn’t lived long enough to see me I have always thought that she wanted to see what her new neice looked like.

The living room was next door to the kitchen and on the counter there was a cutting board ,all of a sudden i heard like finger nails tapping on the bread board really loudly i looked up and i saw a shadow in the kitchen it was really dark so i didn’t know who it was.