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"Libido is influenced by a combination of physical and psychological factors, which can change from night to night, month to month, and year to year," says Angelo Paola, a urologist at Bay Area Urological Associates in Brandon, Florida, and author of Under the Fig Leaf."There are as many reasons for a man not to feel in the mood as there are for a woman." So if he opts out just once in a while, chalk it up as normal and don't assume he's not into you ... Another thing to emblazon on your brain: It's natural for men to become a little less eager after they've been dating the same woman for a long time.In addition to being a rapist, the assault happened as Seldes was cheating on his wife in an affair with his victim.

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And if he's not feeling good about the way his bod looks -- yeah, guys have body-image bummers, too -- it can dampen his desire even more. "There are several medications that have a negative effect on sex drive, including some common cold medications and antidepressants," says Dr. If you suspect his Rxs could be the culprit, suggest that he check with his doc to see if switching meds could solve the problem.

There's also a small portion of the male population who simply have decreased libidos because their testosterone levels are naturally lower.

His attorney claimed the assault was not violent, and that the two had a previous sexual relationship.

The Stars and Stripes said the two had been together for a week and not had a full sexual experience before the rape.

"The incidence of abnormally low testosterone levels in men in their 20s and 30s is very rare," says Dr. That said, if he's completely turned off to sex, he should ask his doctor for a blood test to find out if the trouble is hormonal.

Levitate His Libido Before you try to rev your man's stalled engine, realize that not every dude's libido is the same size -- just like his appetite -- and that's perfectly fine.D., a San Francisco psychologist and clinical sex therapist, "and this discrepancy can leave her feeling unsatisfied and stressed about her desirability." But don't blame your sexy self for his limp libido and don't attempt to repress your ravenous appetite."A high sex drive is healthy -- it's a sign that you're confident and comfortable about your body and your desires," explains Devore.Your guy, on the other hand, might need a little help. Get Over the "Men Are Always Horny" Myth From watching gotta-have-it horndogs like Joey on Friends, you'd think dudes are in heat 24-7.Here's why his jones to get jiggy might not be as strong as yours is (relax: it has nothing to do with how attracted he is to you) and some savvy suggestions for ways you can help him boost his booty hunger (a lot! Meanwhile, back in reality, male sexual desire is anything but consistent."After an initial period that can last anywhere from six months to a year and a half, sex with the same woman tends to lose its urgency," says Michael Castleman, author of Sexual Solutions: For Men and the Women Who Love Them.