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The National Science Foundation once made calls for better engineering education. W Olin Foundation worked to create a college to help resolve this issue.It focused on engineering but also business, creativity and other relevant skills to the field of engineering.

Dartmouth College now has an acceptance rate of 11%.

Duke University began as a rather modest institution in 1838 with just one small schoolhouse.

Located in California, this private liberal arts college has over 1,000 undergraduate students.

Often ranked in the top 20 US colleges, it has an acceptance rate of 11%. Thanks to Benjamin Franklin’s idea of higher education preparing students for business and public service careers, Franklin’s College of Philadelphia was turned into the University of Pennsylvania.

Nowadays, the university has an acceptance rate of 12% and is highly respected in the field of education.

It was in 1853 that 379 acres of land were purchased by the founders of Northwestern University.

You will need an incredibly high SAT score, a long list of extra curricular activities and the ability to pay the outrageous tuition fees that these institutions ask for.

Some of the names on this list are familiar, such as all eight of the Ivy League universities (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University).

The university is seen as something of a leader, being one of the first US universities to allow both men and women.

Amherst College led the way when it founded in 1821 as it allowed the entrance of all qualified students, regardless of religion and race.

It is ranked among the best universities in the USA and is renowned for its basketball team.