Dating etiquitte from the fifties

I think there are a lot of myths out there about women over 45 that can cause men to avoid them all together...

things like how menopausal women don't want sex anymore.

And even if you find someone quickly, it should take many months to decide if it's relationship material or simply someone to hang out with.

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(NOT true.) How women over 45 aren't fit enough or beautiful enough.(Also not necessarily true.) The sad thing is that those men are missing a ton of potential dates with this attitude.Monique Honaman, Author, Speaker, Relationship Coach: Just do it! Dallisa, Date Coaching and Online Dating Profile Editing: They don't take the time to write a meaningful bio about themselves.It can be daunting, but can also be incredibly rewarding! They include generic information and they don't provide any interesting facts that could appeal to the person they are seeking.Rick Soetebier, Author, Speaker, Blogger and Dating Coach: The number one mistake 95% of people make is looking for a relationship without knowing what they want in a relationship.

I have talked to hundreds of people and countless numbers have been in relationships for 6 months, 1, 2, 5 years before realizing that the relationship was lacking much of what they are looking for.Milan Botica, Soulmate Attraction Coach for Women: - Yes, women will have to filter out much more noise (generally speaking) from all the men who approach the matter as if it were a game of mathematical statistics rather than thoughtful matching and blending of connection, compatibility, chemistry and effective communication. Women need a reason to have sex Men just need a place ?- Women would have higher rates of being hit on and having to filter out all the noise.Do you want to casually date, have a long term healthy relationship, or are you just looking for a Friend with Benefits?The rare match can take place right away but I think for most folks, taking their time to find a truly healthy relationship could take several months or more.Mary Jo Fay, The Voice of Dating, Mating, and Relating - speaker, coach, and award-winning author: Unfortunately yes.