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Ssemakula to correct book errors) Healing Rooms Healing Techniques (New Age – Church teaching on) Health Food Fanatic (charged with starving infant son) Health Scope Scan Heart Math Hello Kitty Hemp seeds Herbalife (Pays 0 Million for Deceiving Distributors) Herbal Magic Herbal Medicines Herbal Medicines (safety precautions) Herbal Supplements (not recommended for use) Herbal Weight Loss Supplements (beware of) Herbs (and Vitamins) Hershey, Terry Hicks, Jerry and Esther (Law of Attraction) Hildegard, St.(hijacked by New Agers) Hilo Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps Holistic Healthcare Holistic Vets Holographic Chips Holotropic Breathwork Holy Laughter Holy Love Holy Water vs.Oz sued for promoting) Geopathic Stress German New Medicine Germaine, St.

(Myofascial Release Therapy) Barrett, Stephen Basconi, Kevin Beattie, Melody Belly Button Healing Belly Dancing – Is Belly Dancing New Age? T.) Biofeedback Bio-Meridian Testing Bio-Meridian Scanners Bioresonance Birth Order Theory Black Magic (Suspected in Bizarre Outbreak in Trinidad School) Black Salve Black Star Blatty, William (Exorcist author dies) Blessing Beads Blogs (Are Our Blogs Judgmental or Factual? ) Body Piercing – Tatoos and Body Piercing Body Scan Meditation Body Talk Body Vibes Borysenko, Joan Bowen Therapy Braden, Gregg Brain Gym (Minds in Motion) Brainwave Entrainment (Equi Sync) Breatharians Bridge to Terabithia Brown, Brene Brown, Rebecca M. () Browne, Sylvia (dies at age 77) Buddha Statues (Can Catholics Display in Home? ) Buddhist Meditation Techniques Budokon Bubble Goth Bundy, Ted (Strange Happenings in His House) Buteyko Breathing Byo Netics Byron Katie Campbell, Steven () Cameron, Julia Cannabidiol Oil Cancer Care Centers (Fr.

Belly Dancing – Belly Dancer Weighs In Bentonite Clay Beth Moore Scripture Studies Beyblades Bhangra Bharata Natyam Bible (Where’s That in the Bible? ) Binaural Beats Bindis Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B. John Valdaris) Capacitar Caritas of Birmingham Casey, Karen Catharsis on the Mall Cathletix Catholic Coloring Books (for adults) Catholic Contemplative Tradition Catholic Therapist Sees Dead People Catholic Women Preach Cayce, Edgar Cefaly Migraine Headband Centering Prayer (vs.

Fire Fairy Prank Finley, Guy Five Agreements Five Love Languages Five Tibetan Rites Flame Meditation Flex Aware Focusing Ford, Debbie Former New Ager Breaks Free Fortune Telling (Pope Calls them “Security of the Stupid”) Fortune Telling (with regular playing cards) Fox, Meghan (psychic abilities?

) Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Frequency Specific Microcurrent Friends of Medjugoje (Bozika Bartuluca) Functional Medicine Gaia – Worshiping at the Temple of Gaia Gaia Cards Gallagher, Christina Gamaliel Foundation Game of Thrones Garcinia Cambogia (Dr.

Invoking the Dead Exo-Vaticana Exorcist Hotline Exorcism Magazine (launched in Poland) Exorcism (Demand Spawns Private Exorcism Business) Exorcism (Wm.

Friedkin films live exorcism) Exorcism (Priest Exorcises Home of Olivia Newton John) Exorcist Author Dies Exorcists Needed in Philippines Exorcisms on Internet are Useless Exorcists (Church Responds to Increasing Need of) Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) Eye of Medusa bracelet Faith Healers Fairies Fairies (Belief on the rise) Fallon, Sally (Westin Price Foundation) False Gods (Worshiping by practicing yoga, reflexology, pilates) False Prophets False Teachers Falun Gong/Falun Dafa Family Constellation Therapy Fantasy (Difference between Christian and Occult-based) Farmer’s Almanac Feldenkrais Method Feng Shui Feng Shui in the Classroom?) Homeopathy (Large Study Debunks) Homeopathy (Study says it puts people at risk) Homeopathy (alleged papal approval) Homeopathic Teething Treatment (FDA Warning) Horn, Tom Horoscopes (Can Give You a Bad Attitude!) Horoscopes 2014 Hospitals and New Age Hot Stone Massage House of Anubis House of God’s Light Prayer Groups How to help loved ones out of the New Age Human Potential Movement – Why Catholics Don’t Believe We’re All Divine Human Potential Movement – Secret Scrolls (Rhonda Byrne) Human Potential Movement-Synchronicity Human Potential Movement – Home Enlightenment Program Human Potential Movement – Landmark Human Potential Movement – Silva Mind Control Human Potential Movement – What’s Wrong with the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”?5 Rhythms AA Meetings AA Meetings (More Catholic Bashing) Abortion Doulas Access Consciousness Aculief Acupressure Mats Acupuncture/Acupressure Acupuncture (Lacks scientific backing) Acupuncture (Not all acupuncture is really acupuncture) Acupuncture (spiritual dangers) Acupuncture (physical dangers) Acupuncture Alternatives Acupuncturists Who Channel Energy Adrian Dominican Sisters Adult Coloring Books Affirmations African Masks Agenda 21 Agenda 21 (New Bill Incorporates Agenda 21) Airrosti Rehab ALCAT The Alchemist (by Paulo Cielho) Alex and Ani Bracelets Alexander Technique Alien Abduction (Niara Isley story) All is One Altered States Alternative Therapies (7 Reasons Why People Believe they Work) Alternatives (Church Teaching on Why Catholics Can’t Use to Treat Serious Illness) Alternatives (Catholicism Demands that Our Blogs be Based in Sound Science) Alternatives (When Catholic Sources Say it’s Okay) Alternative Diet Results in Baby’s Death Alternatives (How Are They Connected to the New Age?) Alternatives (Distinguishing Good Medicine from Quackery) Alternatives (Purveyor of Alternative Cancer Cure Gets 14 Years) Alternatives (Used by terminally ill) Ama Deus Healing Amber Teething Necklaces Ambrotrose (Glyconutrients) Amen, Dr. Gabriele (dies at 91) Amway Anagrams Anam Cara (Life Coaching) Angel Boards Angel Guardians (Should we Name Them?Garden Gazing Balls) Crystal Balls (are never just harmless fun) Crystal Therapy (dangers of) Cult Leader Charged with Rape Cult – Could you be Swept Into a Cult?