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Udforsk paladser, der tilhører efterkommerne af Djengis Khan og gå gennem uberørte landskaber, der er hjemsted for noget af Europas mest fantastiske dyreliv.

Ukraine er måske ikke det oplagte valg for en ferie, men når du har været her, så undrer du dig over, hvorfor der ikke er flere, der besøger dette forsømte hjørne af Europa.

Passer rejsedatoerne dig ikke eller vil du selv have maksimal indflydelse på dit rejseprogram – Kontakt os hvis du ønsker et tilbud på en individuel rejse i [email protected] of Europe’s least visited nations, Ukraine has been in the Soviet shadow for decades, hidden from the rest of the world with the result that few are aware of its charms.Falling under the rule of the Varangians some time later it became the capital of Rus, benefitting from its position on the trade routes between Scandinavia and the Byzantine Empire and becoming infused with a wide variety of cultural influences which remain today.Over its time, Kiev has been sacked by the Mongols, incorporated within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and then absorbed into Russia and the Soviet Union.Straddling the banks of the Dnepr River, Kiev is Ukraine’s most cosmopolitan city, and a real mix of old and new.

With a historic old quarter, the city is packed full of monuments, the most famous being the Lavra cave monastery, a collection of underground chambers and spectacular churches dating back to the 11th century.

Kiev is a city with an enormous amount of churches and cathedrals, with a particular style that looks almost Russian but is unique to Ukraine, and in many areas these dominate the skyline, reminding visitors of the intense respect that ordinary Ukrainians have for religion.

But perhaps one of Kiev’s greatest delights is simply walking around the city and seeing where you end up, discovering for yourself its corners, streets and cafes and immersing yourself in Ukrainian culture.

We take in some of its highlights including the Opera House, the Dominican Church and the fascinating Lykachivsky Cemetery, one of the oldest graveyards in Europe. (B) Lviv Lviv is a fantastically eclectic city with a wide variety of architectural styles combining to create a place with a split personality, but which somehow definitely works.

Founded in the 13th century, Lviv is almost dripping with history, and walking around its wide boulevards and large squares you will see Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture among many other types.

(B) Early arrival into Lviv where we have a little time to freshen up before heading out to explore the city.