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He never lost his talent for making her cum, and she never lost her thirst for his orgasm. When the summer time hit, Matt was seen less and less."We're thinking about writing some new songs," he explained.He finally came in her mouth, spurt after spurt filling every bit of space inside until her mouth was almost completely full.

She came three times before he even started to fuck her, and that was three more times than she had ever orgasmed with someone else.She could get it going just fine on her own, but until Matt her experiences were left wanting.A moonlit night out on the lake spent with his hard cock between her tits, slipping between her massive 32F pair with nothing but their combined saliva to lubricate.Her breasts were surprisingly sensitive for their size -- she had heard that the bigger the bust the less feeling their was.Her hair was like daylight, and her eyes like emeralds, and she had a smoky voice that would make Stevie Nicks quiver with jealousy.

She walked around the stage with unbeatable confidence, singing with a hard rock scratch that lent power to her already intoxicating voice, and as she strutted her stuff, Lauren noticed just how strong the rapport was with Matt.

She had to be there in the fantasy, she had to have been in the room and watching.

The fantasy was long forgotten by the time they finally got together.

He was a bass player with perfect hands despite a long scar running down the forefinger of his right hand, and those hands rarely left her mind's eye when she was alone.

At first, she pictured them gripping her waist as he thrust into her, or wrapping around her neck while she lay on her back, legs spread and womanhood pulsing. The singer in his band was a blonde bombshell, a total knockout.

Something about that only made the memory more exciting, and it led to many interesting thoughts. She only meant it as an experiment, but after only one hard smack against her buttocks she was subdued into a state of unabashed desire, and soon he was letting his hand fall in rapid succession.