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Take a walk, go dancing, go to the library, go to the beach it’s all just too much effort for a gamer boyfriend.

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You need to be bold and swear like a sailor but never EVER call him out on anything in front of his friends. What I took away from my experience of dating guy gamers is a consistent theme of being “the special”.Be attractive, but don’t take too long getting ready or you’ll give yourself away. He wont say it, he wont even imply it- because the protagonist never does.I’m not saying they’re unhygienic, but they’ve had that gigantic t-shirt since high school.Cargo shorts, socks with holes in them, the dreaded trench coat of Doom. They may be your scruffy, Aladdin-esque street rat today.Because a lot of gamers subscribe to the idea that you should love them for exactly who they are.

Not taking into the account that normal people are driven to grow and evolve- not stagnate on a couch. But add bad skin, greasy hair, breathing problems, and uncontrollable sweating into the mix and…yeah. They all say they want to make/write/animate games but never do. What does a person who takes no interest in anything except games plan on doing with their lives? Except the reality is game development is fucking hard, expensive and lacking a lot of the glamour they think it will bring them.Here’s a tip, unless he’s in the actually programming and development phase of the game by the time you’ve met him- he’s probably just a dreamer.He can’t put his finger on what it is, but the magic is gone. 2.) The other and more common one is he’ll expect you to be “just one of the guys”. You need to play games like his friends, eat like his friends, talk like his friends all while balancing being casual and hot.You need to be sexy while also dressing in a way that doesn’t indicate that you’re trying too hard. I didn’t feel like my personality and looks alone was enough to generate any real interest ).