Dating job interview

My additional abilities include:* skills in teaching group exercise classes and step instruction developed as an instructor at ABC Fitness.* skilled in overseeing daily operations, planning, promotion and evaluation of all health promotion programs as a result of my work at XYZ Fitness.* certification in CPR and First Aid since 2005.* excellent organization skills developed as a fitness specialist at ABC Fitness.* expertise in the use of computer programs acquired during my research assistantship at NC State.* a positive attitude in all fitness endeavors leading to strong interpersonal communication skills developed during my internship and following work at Total Fitness in 2004-2005.

I am sending you my resume as a MS Word attachment.

In that position I developed two new programs that are now widely used in clinical treatment.

I will be happy to send any additional information you may require.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you soon.

I am writing to you in response to your Internet advertisement requesting applicants for the position of Technical Writer in Springfield University's archaeology laboratory.

I hold bachelor's degrees in archaeology and English and have three seasons' experience in excavation and lab work, including data entry, artifact cataloging, and preparations for the various methods of artifact dating.

I am responding to your advertisement in the Doe Post inviting applications for a position in chemical engineering.

I am currently a research chemist for Johnson Chemical Corporation where I enjoy my work, but I would prefer participating in your research program on new plastics.During my graduate work I was particularly interested in adult education and did my thesis research in this area.During my years of teaching ESL part-time, I have developed instructional materials designed to teach English as a second language to adults. In response to your advertisement in the Springfield Herald, I wish to apply for the post of Office Manager.Because of the education, skills, and experience I possess, I am well-equipped to meet the demands and challenges of this position head on.The company's success is my success, and I am ready to work hard to help your business expand and become more profitable.I am enclosing my resume and look forward to an opportunity for a personal interview.