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If you need to get some content for your site, just head over to a article directory and pick some for your niche. That way Google will see some content on your site. The landing page that you have created is simple yet convincing.

Though I do not have my own product to market but the ideas that you have given will definitely help me in promoting my agffiliate products.

Not saying you need to be in the top 10 or anything, heck even top 30 but how g sees your site that the lp is on seems to weigh heavily on success. Anyhow, kudos for having balls and showing your landing page like a real man haha.

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Not bad, though you could have used more examples to highlight between good & bad landing pages.

While searching the net, I found that no website gives complete information about landing pages & its styles.

), you should strongly consider using this landing page. This amazing lead generation landing page template features unique design and subtle arrows to give your pages a sophisticated look while pointing people to the purpose of a landing page: getting that click and driving more opt-ins through your marketing.

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I encourage you to look through these templates, learn about them, and download any (or all! You will need to do some coding or hand them off to your web developer to customize them for yourself.

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Looking for a perfect dating landing page to promote your campaign and improve your conversion rates?

You can jump over to the Free Reports section to download that template. Man, if that LP is making some cash ( and I have no reason to doubt it doesn’t), then I need to throw my hat further out in the pay-for-performance realm.

A tip for some of the people complaining about their bids getting jacked up after a short period of time – does your site rank for anything? I personally would probably throw on more text to try to avoid getting Google “slapped” though.

Makes sure you add content and you will be good to go.