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In Robert Mc Kimson's hands, for example, slobby Sylvester has a hyper-articulate son named Sylvester Jr., whom Dad tries to impress by chasing what turns out to be a baby kangaroo into another room; when he retreats gibbering at the 'giant mouse! Sylvester also starred in , one of Bob Clampett's last cartoons for Warners, and in three Chuck Jones-directed cartoons, all opposite Porky Pig. Introduced as a cowboy bandit, he eventually became the stock blowhard villain character: Civil War general, Viking, Pirate, The Black Knight (no Python references please), politician, an Arab sheik, etc. Has a lethargic cousin named (inevitably) "Slowpoke Rodriguez" who uses a gun to incapacitate cats instead.

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He made two appearances in the Merrie Melodies series, in "You Don't Know What You're Doin'" and "Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land".On another note, another character appeared a few years later that was also called Piggy in the Friz Freleng cartoon "Pigs is Pigs" and "At Your Service, Madame" although that character was a gluttonous little kid who had nothing in common with this earlier character. " (1931), Ising A happy go lucky pianist with loads of talent and a real crowd stealer.Later, under Freleng, Tweety became yellow (the Hays Office balked because the pink made him look naked), found a recurring adversary in Sylvester, and often depended on an umbrella-wielding Granny or an angry bulldog to get rid of him. Tropes related to Tweety Bird: A Funny Foreigner and Handsome Lech said to be the most foul smelling skunk in the world - or to his own kind, the best smelling - completely oblivious to his body odor problem...Time has made modern generations mistake him for a female. and thus to why all the beautiful 'young ladies' keep running from him in disgust.Served as a love interest for Beans on one occasion, as well as the daughter of Porky Pig in one short.

Created as an attempt to serve as a comic foil for Porky Pig, Gabby Goat was a short tempered jerk that was essentially the Looney Tunes answer to Donald Duck in terms of character.Appearance and personality was nearly indistinguishable from Mickey, although Foxy was noticeably more aggressive.Only lasted for three shorts, as Walt Disney quickly got wind of the ripoff and personally asked Rudy to stop using him.Less popular with the other directors, who found him too wimpy.On a side note, he had an earlier, less distinctive prototype named Egghead, who was sometimes referred to as Elmer. Tropes related to Elmer Fudd: In Clampett's hands, Tweety was a pink, sadistic trickster who used his wits to get rid of cats.Considers himself the life of the party; demonstrates by tricking baby chickenhawks out of capturing him, abusing Mandrake the barnyard dog by whomping his ass with a wooden board and painting his tongue green, or babysitting a genius chick named Eggbert in order to cozy up to his widow hen mother. He'll eat anything, buzzsaw through anything, and moves at whirlwind speed. Tropes related to Tasmanian Devil: A frog from The Gay '90s is discovered by a man in modern times.