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So, the storyline doesn't flow well and is basic and amateur. I'm just saying, this story is about people who are Arabic- and she's white with other characters. I got nothing against being white, but in other stories the MC is white, and there are only two skin tones.

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NICOLE BREWER iluv2cofounder, 35 Location: Nizwa, Oman, 3 years Hometown: Detroit "I told myself that I wouldn't date in the Middle East, and yet not even a week after moving to Nizwa I met a man who became my boyfriend.He was African-Omani and our first encounter was at a local hotel bar with friends.It was a whirlwind romance and we had a great time while it lasted.In Omani culture it is looked down upon to date a nonlocal, so he wanted to hide our relationship and we parted ways.At Arab Lounge, we take the security of our members very seriously, which is why we take pride in our 5 Star Safety Program.

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While riding camel-back in the desert, Ifrit tells you five stories: The Tailor named Aladdin, Sindbad the Sailor, Jinni of the Lamp, The Forgotten Tribe and The Sad Prince.

Strangely, you meet these men from the stories the next day. Their fate and the course of your romance is in your hands…FEATURES:-It’s FREE to read the amazing prologue.-After your purchase, you can read the story as many times as you’d like.-Each character’s story has three types of endings.

…Until one day, a mysterious man named Ifrit appears before you and proposes that, if you spin a tale, he will let you out from the palace.

When you answer “yes”, you are finally out of the palace for the first time in your life!

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