Dating night clubs

When it’s the other way round, it becomes a fetish.” I decide to head along to Club Indulge, so I can see for myself.It was still early when I arrived, so it wasn’t crowded, but everyone was talking earnestly in a couple of large groups, as though they were all old mates.Some of them were, but mainly everyone was just really friendly.

Ben is very much average sized – not skinny, but significantly smaller than any of the women we are talking to.He started to explain that he’s always preferred more ‘curvaceous’ women, but Sonia interrupted. People are really scared of the word, but it’s important to own it” (for the record, Miranda also favours the word 'fat', in part because the phrase BBW – Big Beautiful Women – has been commandeered by the porn industry).These women who told me I could look good, be fat, be inspirational and aspirational.” Now Miranda wants to do the same over other plus size young women, and rejects claims that by hosting these websites, she’s encouraging obesity.“It was only when I gained a bit of confidence that I actually felt like I wanted to lose weight and look good.I meet Miranda again a few weeks after the club night, and we start talking again about the fat acceptance movement in the US, and how it feels quite political in a way that hasn’t really happened here. “Yes, I’ve had eggs thrown at me, people shouting fatty out of the window, people staring at me on the tube.” I’m horrified by this – someone once shouted “sh*t t-shirt” at me out of a white van and I started hyperventilating at the bus stop.

“I think it’s going to be a long time before throwing an egg at someone in the street, or employing bullying tactics in the work place because they’re fat is seen as a hate crime,” she says. If there was a chance I was going to get pelted with eggs, or pointed at, or basically told that I was a rubbish human being every time I went out, I’d never leave the house again.“All my friends are bigger too – when we go out, guys just point and stare,” she explains.She actually used to be 10 stone bigger than she is now, and a size 32.It was only when she started meeting other women through fat acceptance and plus-size fashion blogs that she started to gain enough confidence to actually want to lose weight.“I met all these amazing bigger women who run blogs, are stylists and fashion designers.“You’re still finding yourself in your 20s, and maybe locking yourself away – it’s good for younger women to see older, confident bigger women.” She also mentions the other advantage of Club Indulge: the men.