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The product that people would recognize as mascara today did not develop until the 19th century.A chemist named Eugène Rimmel developed a cosmetic using the newly invented petroleum jelly.

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The name Rimmel became synonymous with the substance and still translates to “mascara” in the Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Romanian, and Persian languages today. No significant improvement occurred until 1957 with an innovation by Helena Rubinstein.The events leading to Rubinstein’s improvement began in Paris in the early 20th century.The change in applicator led mascara to be even easier to use, and its popularity increased.Mascara is now trending towards multi-functional usage with many mascaras including lash boosting serums, botanicals and pro-vitamin enriched formulas.During the Victorian era, social opinion shifted radically towards the promotion of cosmetics, and women were known to spend a majority of their day occupied with beauty regimens.

Great efforts were made to create the illusion of long, dark eyelashes.

Following the fall of the Roman Empire, kohl fell into disuse on the European continent, where it had been considered solely a cosmetic; conversely, it continued to be widely used in the Middle East for religious purposes.

Makeup was considered unsightly and uncouth in Western culture until the Victorian era.

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Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyelashes.

Often composed of galena; malachite; and charcoal or soot, crocodile stool; honey; and water was added to keep the kohl from running.