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couple had not broken up before the real-life Emily went into her coma.

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However, when Emily came out of the coma and they found out she would be okay, Kumail's mother finally responded, "How could you do this to us? Emily admits her parents are quite different than the characters portrayed by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano.Kumail's real-life parents are perhaps more similar to his movie parents, especially in that they did expect him to enter into an arranged marriage.She underwent lung surgery and ended up remaining in the hospital for almost a month.On day eight of her coma, she was diagnosed with adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD), a rare systemic auto-inflammatory disease that presents with high fevers, severe fatigue, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, a salmon-pink rash, and in severe cases like Emily's, fluid accumulation in the lungs and heart.He avoided their calls for the first few days that Emily was in a coma, because he knew he would have to tell them he had a non-Muslim girlfriend.

When he did finally take their call one night, he told them the truth and his mother actually became concerned for Emily, asking daily how she was doing (something the character doesn't do in the movie).However, they were living in a different city than they do in true story confirms that the real Emily Gordon was miserable when she came out of the coma, despite those around her feeling very happy she was awake."Yeah, a lot of the hospital people had invented a personality for me that did not match how I felt when I woke up," says Emily.Pictured at the bottom are Nanjiani and the onscreen Emily, portrayed by actress Zoe Kazan. She largely ignored it, but found herself feeling exhausted and miserable.Eventually she started having trouble breathing and drove herself to a walk-in clinic.But it's even more interesting to be at your recent ex-girlfriend's side." The real Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V.