Dating rickenbacker lap steels

A family friend owned a steel company, so I went to him and together we designed a holder for my Rickenbacker that allowed me to stand and play comfortably.

Now I can run around on stage and interact with my band mates and the audience, although I can't tell you how many people come up to me after the show to ask why I'm holding the guitar like I do ("is it so you can see the frets? You have backed several prominent musicians on tour.

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In retrospect, sibling rivalry probably had a lot to do with it.But leading up to , we decided to buckle down and write together.So check out this clip and then the live performance below. At that time, I was taking lessons in guitar and mandolin and I couldn't seem to make headway with either of them.As soon as I saw, heard, and appreciated the slide guitar, I knew I had found my calling.Our writing process is very much dependent on each other. ' Cause we definitely do, but it's almost always over little and unimportant annoyances.

I like to think of a duo writing team as a check and balance system… We're a team in every sense of the word and, when it comes to the big stuff, we're completely on the same page. It's truly amazing to travel the world and share all these incredible experiences with someone I'm so close to. One touring tip I have is to never trust a cabbie with your precious instrument. ), the lap steel went flying and came away in two pieces. Have you ever come across challenges being a female musician?

This is a nice early example of the Rickenbacker Silver Hawaiian Steel Guitar, one of the company’s most striking 1930’s classics.

The entire instrument is nickel-plated steel, with a headstock logo plate reading Rickenbacker “Electro” Los Angeles.

The band takes its name from their great, great, great, great grandfather, Larkin Poe, who was a Civil War wagon driver turned historian and a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe.

I was so impressed by Megan’s kickass lap steel chops that I asked her to record some video for us. The first slide instrument I was introduced to was the dobro.

for a girl.” There are so many wonderful female vocalists in the music industry, but a lack of truly sensational female musicians.