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People had to find ways to bring water to where they lived.

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Learn China's geography, its ageless traditions in arts and crafts, its 4,000 year old Shang Dynasty, the evolution of Chinese writing, tombs, filial piety ("ancestor worship"), and more.

Each section has a Story to read, a chance to Explore, and a Challenge (game). Ancient China on Pinterest This page is more than dozens of photos of terracotta warriors.

You have to click on the picture to go to the actual link. Learn about all the different gods and religions, and how they evolved over thousands of years. Those who are in the fields grasp your hand, on plots that you have made.

"Welcome to Ancient Egypt Online; a site dedicated to the culture, language, religion and history of ancient Egypt." Starting with very ancient times (7,000 years ago plus). Explore the monuments - tombs, pyramids, and temples. Find out what people ate, what they wore, how they accessorized, how they partied! Go to the gift shop and buy ancient Egyptian jewelry, perfume, incense, etc.; based on recipes written on temple walls! A classic quote: "But although I beat you with every kind of stick, you do not listen. Put these writings in your heart, and you will be protected from all kinds of toil. Lets students explore and learn with good graphics, games, activities, plenty of facts.

The third video, Ancient Roman Homes of the Rich, is narrated. This video covers things not often discussed in these short videos; such as water, plumbing, radiant heating, baths, the various entrances, dining, and bedrooms.

©2014 David Egan Productions from Pompeii who lived almost 2,000 years ago.The house was located in the city block termed as Insula V1, which was thoroughly analysed by 3D scanning and drones (conducted during fieldwork expeditions between 20).The site itself was chosen because of its ‘prime’ location at the crossing of two of Pompeii’s main thoroughfares.Construction, layout, the retractable top, stairs, elevators, and restaurants!The early Coliseum was regularly flooded so that sea battles could take place. It's an engraved gem, or a piece of jewelry that contains a relief image on a negative background, called intaglio...Ancient Astronomy of the North American Indians from the Star Teach Astronomy Education Program.