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And after that, every fantasy I had was of serving a dominant couple.

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When I began my first semester of college I was 19 years of age. The first thing I did when got my own apartment, me new computer, and internet access of american online was to begin my research about a domme/sub lifestyle. The first weekend I stayed home and read and read and read and played and played and masturbated 28 times in 3 days. Within in the first week I discovered websites where you could place personal ads as a slave looking for a Mistress.

I posted a picture of me in swimming shorts but covered my face.

Synopsis: Story of a White Male who thinks he is meeting his online Mistress and Master for a weekend. They enslave him and introduce him to the black dominant society where wealthy blacks enslave whites for a lifetime of servitude. We had kennels and I would go out there at night naked and put my self in the kennel and pretend my owner had put me there.

In public and with other people I was very forward and aggressive so no one knew of my submissive side. The thought of being dominated completely controlled my thoughts and was pretty much all I would think about.

Although, my desires were becoming more and more interested in perhaps sucking a cock or being taken, but since I have yet to lick pussy or get laid and my thoughts sexually were more of being with dominant woman primarily.

This lady took some things away from those three days against my consent that I was not ready for.

I told her about my thing with sex and only wanted to do that when I am owned.

She managed to get it out of me that I have had thoughts of being dominated by a guy or to serve a long side a male slave with a domme.

To my surprise though, I found out I do not like to be whipped as much as I thought I did and needed an owner to realize that and take advantage of that for punishment purposes.

I found I loved the control part of it, but no one had enough in them to totally control me which I desperately needed. I went out with at least 15 girls from school, tried to introduce it to all of them , but none were interested or maybe I did not pursue it correctly. When I was home for those couple weeks, I was out with my twin sister and we met some of her friends at a bar and the one girl was there with her older sister who took a liking to me very quickly.

After about 25 more hard canings I again begged to clean her dildo with my mouth which soon I was licking clean.