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And true to its reputation, Tunisia sees only ten millimetres of rainfall during the entire month of August.

This small hotel only has 19 rooms so each room and guest receives extra attention from its cleaning and guest services staff.Located in the city centre, this hotel is a convenient home base to explore the city and surrounding area.It is wise to plan for this complete temperature range by packing layers.Average Sunshine Hours and Rain The region basks in 12 hours of sunshine on any given day.Since then, this open public square has become a great meeting point.

Depending on the political climate during your holiday, police may walk through the crowds to make sure there is no nonsense going on.The Golf Royal is located next door to a police station.This means that there is unsightly grounds nearby, however, the area is extremely safe.There are antipasto appetizer options, pasta and steak entrees and even desserts like tiramisu.The restaurant is owned and operated by an Italian expatriate so it will be hard to find more authentic restaurant in the country.Hotel Le Pacha has a bar inside its grounds so you can enjoy a cocktail at the end of a hot day.