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Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds At Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds, they’re all about growing and maintaining as many rare varieties as possible and they encourage customers to do the same.

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De Dell Seeds does not use neonicotinoids as a standard seed treatment.This family seed house located in central Alberta has been growing hardy seed potatoes for 29 years, producing vigorous seed stock which performs exceptionally well in all other regions of Canada.“The best part of the whole year for gardening,” is what we’re all about here at Small Farm Canada’s annual Seed Buying Guide. A’bunadh Seeds A’bunadh is Gaelic for “the origin” and this organic seed house in Northern Alberta is the origin of a full line of plants hardy in zone 2. They specialize in flower and vegetable seed and offer many other products. Click on the pics for a trip down memory lane with this centennial plus seed house. Agrohaitai conducts extensive trials in China and Canada, screening a wide range of varieties.In these pages you’ll find seed suppliers from across Canada and into the U. who have worked hard to supply whatever seeds, bulbs, corms etc. So, pour yourself an appropriate beverage, put your feet up and let the dream begin . They specialize in open pollinated non GMO corn which is getting harder and harder to find but their inventory also includes a wide variety of vegetables including squash, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon. They work closely with breeders to develop seeds to meet the needs of their clients.Bluestem is a small, specialized nursery located in British Columbia’s southern interior.

Owner, Jim Brockmeyer, is an expert on the province’s native grasses and Bluestem’s inventory also includes willows and native perennials.Established in 1999, De Dell Seeds is a family owned and operated non GMO seed corn company, offering conventional and certified organic seed corn.It is the only non GMO seed corn company in Canada, producing organic seed corn in Canada.They also carry softneck varieties and weakly bolting hardnecks.Boundary sells by mail order across Canada or directly from the website.Their willows, dogwoods and currents might be of particular interest to gardeners and small farmers.