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But learning to use cast iron cookware effectively can be an art form.A bronze Chinese crossbow trigger mechanism with a butt plate (the wooden components have since eroded and disappeared), inlaid with silver, from either the late Warring States period (403–256 BC) or the early Han Dynasty (202 BC – AD 220) This includes the Four Great Inventions: papermaking, the compass, gunpowder, and printing (both woodblock and movable type).

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As long as you have a heat source, you can cook in cast iron.

In the grand scheme of self-reliance, cast iron reigns supreme.

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I’m willing to bet at least half of you have some form of cast iron cookware that was put to good use by some close relatives.

Would it shock you to know that they probably got it from their parents or grandparents? Livsey, East Aurora, NYOkabashi Gift Card Giveaway (12 winners)B. Wroblewski, Niles, MIPersonal Creations Pie Dish Giveaway (15 winners)A. You can use it on your electric range (yes, even a glass-top range — see image on right) just as well as you can a gas stove.In the “old days”, families would hand down their cast iron cookware from generation to generation.In water-powered clockworks, the premodern Chinese had used the escapement mechanism since the 8th century and the endless power-transmitting chain drive in the 11th century.