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Therefore, your dress from 1995 now counts as vintage. You must have somewhat of a ‘vintage eye’ to decipher the difference between one dreaded 80’s secretary blouse from another coveted 80’s secretary blouse.If you are looking to sell vintage online, you must have a ‘vintage eye’ or your shop will suffer.As we’ve said before, your best judgment tool is your gut.

1910s | Long hemlines, empire waistlines, and high collars reflected the conservative cultural tones of the time.

Women had very restrictive rules regarding fashion and there wasn’t much variety in styles and shapes.

Therefore, you must check the item’s little characteristics to truly determine if your find is vintage and from what decade.

If you are on the hunt for true vintage (versus vintage inspired or reproduced), then you must ALWAYS check the tag. It is a good sign if the tag is old or worn but this is not always your most reliable clue.

If you are hoping to spot a classic 1950’s rockabilly dress straight from your local thrift shop, think again.

My best luck is when I ditch the store and thrift the outlet.If you just want to update (or should I say outdate..) your wardrobe, then feed on modern styles for inspiration as you look for your personal vintage threads.Now, if you are looking for something specific and lack the time to search awhile, Etsy is your best bet to find the vintage garment you seek.This was the era of the sophisticated and luxurious lady.1960s | As it often does, the pendulum of taste swung the other way in the following decade. Clothes needed to pop, designers were influenced by mod art movements, and bright colors/patterns were used.As we have shown in our vintage fashion timeline, retro attire offers a great wealth of style opportunities.