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Discoveries confirmed that the monument was still visible in the Trajan age: by the digs of '900 emerged a retaining wall around, it was high m. 2.50 from the monument builted by bricks with stamps dating 123 A. At that time the monument already was about 2 meters below the floor level of the surrounding area; two centuries later it was completely disappeared, in fact not a word about the Ara Pacis appears in the Mirabilia of the IV century. In 1568 during the works in Palazzo Peretti - Via in Lucina 4 -, emerged nine marble slabs that bought the Grand Duke of Tuscany and then donated to the Uffizi but whom was not certain the origin; during other work in 1659 emerged other sculptured reliefs which partly remained in Palazzo Peretti and in part were sold to the Vatican and to Leopoldo de Medici, who used them to decorate the facade overlooking the garden of the Villa Medici ...

The altar was erected at a precise point: 1 mile from Pomerium or where the consul who was returning from the war lost its imperium militiae to acquire the imperium domi and had an entrance to the Via Flaminia (then Via Lata and today via del Corso) and one towards the Champ de Mars.

The place, with a strong symbolic value, however had geological characteristics such that already Antonine the part up to the podium appeared buried and it was forgotten 100 years after.

Despite the importance of reliable estimates of divergence times, our understanding of the temporal patterns of diversification remain in flux for many groups, in part because the methods for estimating evolutionary timescales from DNA sequences are being refined [].

Since the introduction of relaxed-clock methods, which allow substitution rates to vary across the tree, a range of molecular dating methods has been developed.

We found striking differences in age estimates and diversification dynamics depending on prior choice.

Dating with the Yule prior suggested that extant cycad genera diversified in the Paleogene and with two diversification rate shifts.In his political testament Res Gestae Divi Augusti (12.2) Augustus remembers the decision taken by the Senate of Rome on July 4, 13 B. building an altar consecrated to the Augustan Peace in the Campus Martius ordering also that, every year, the magistrates, the priests and Vestals should celebrate sacrifices there.Ara Pacis Augustae was built between 13 and 9 BC to celebrate Pax Romana achieved by Augustus after 3 years of successful wars in Gaul and Iberia.In contrast, dating with the birth-death prior yielded Neogene diversifications, and four rate shifts, one for each of the four richest genera.Nonetheless, dating with the two priors provided similar age estimates for the divergence of cycads from These results suggest the choice of the branching process prior can have a drastic influence on our understanding of evolutionary radiations.Therefore, all dating analyses must involve a model selection process using Bayes factors to select between a Yule or birth-death prior, in particular on ancient clades with a potential pattern of high extinction.