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Sacrificial Pieces: Your Emotions Pawns are the pieces in chess that often get sacrificed the most. Coincidentally, there are also eight basic emotions, according to renown psychologist, Robert Plutchik.

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When analyzing a chess match, the concept of checkmating is similar to attracting your dream mate and capturing his/her heart.

Although understanding chess does not guarantee a win, it can increase your likelihood of scoring.

Chess players always try to keep their emotions under control, and if you’re dating, you should too.

One of the ways to have the upper hand in a relationship is to sacrifice your emotions for the well-being of your mate. If a significant other cancels a date, show a hint of disappointment but quickly find an upbeat yet genuine way to show your flexibility. Play by Play Chess masters describe chess as a game of spatial conquest.

Dating is like playing chess: one wrong move and you’re mated!

A chess game has many nuances of strategy, rules and terminology.

If a man is not planning to marry a woman or vice-versa, checkmate cannot happen.

Therefore, the two just go on (sometimes for years) playing the field, or even the same game with each other-knowing checkmate will not occur based on the dynamics of the rocky relationship.

Singles who are looking for a new way to find love should consider chess strategy when dating.

The First Move Matters Every game of chess starts with 32 chessmen: pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queens and kings.

It’s important for dating singles to understand how to strategically restrict your mate’s space while protecting your own space.