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It looks like the designer has a very minimalistic vision of the house in store for fans come fall, which will certainly be an extreme departure from Hedi Slimane‘s maximalist, more-is-more aesthetic.

And speaking of Miu Miu, the campaign for the brand’s Scenique sunglasses just got a new spokeswoman …

When the needle landed on Courteney, he said, "She's from Alabama. Sure we might want to leave the 90’s behind — things like dark lipliner, Day Glo, and a single unhooked strap of our overalls never really worked in the first place. She took her top off everywhere like it was Spring Break Cancun.She had been a perfectly normal-sized girl — not the slightest bit overweight — but she was suddenly afraid that if she ate anything, she would become a cow.She started falling asleep in class and this previously attractive girl started taking on a “death camp survivor” look.In college, I got to know her well and understood the emotional causes of the problem.

She got over the issue and returned to normal size, but she retained psychological and physical scars of the ordeal.

It is very light hearted and takes some funny punches at big corporate America (like Kinkos and Starbucks).

About eight or nine years ago, I dated a woman for a few months who was a model. She had a lovely face and a perfectly proportioned and perfectly sized body. This physically perfect woman was a “plus-size model.” Since I don’t pay attention to fashion or to modeling, I hadn’t consciously realized until then just how insane the world of modeling had become. And I didn’t realize just how warped most women’s images of their own bodies have become.

I don’t know about that, but I do know that I almost find those waifs attractive.

What I’ve become sure of is that women have very distorted images of their body size today.

Is it from the anorexic girls they see presented to them as the examples of what women should look like? I’m just sure that the truth has become distorted beyond hope in many of them.