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In season two, the show opens with Ullman delivering a "candid" monologue in relation to that week's subject.In seasons three and four, Ullman is sitting, being interviewed by a person off-screen giving insight into her personal life and her thoughts on that episode's subject.In 2003, the character Ruby Romaine was spun off into a potential television series for HBO.

is an HBO sketch comedy series starring Tracey Ullman.

The show ran for four seasons, and won multiple awards.

Shooting the show on location gave her the ability to apply makeup, wigs, and teeth at a less frantic pace.

The Tracey Ullman Show featured makeups that had not been conducted to a live audience.

Each week, the episode would focus on, or "take on," a certain subject, giving the show focus.

Ullman decided on 20 characters to play each episode, unlike her Fox series, which featured her playing a new character every week.Only her character Kay returned from The Tracey Ullman Show, as Ullman was the sole creator of the character.Over the course of the show, Ullman played a total of 29 characters.The special's success led to HBO's interest in having Ullman do a special for their network.They requested that the show focus on a more "American" subject. That special, Tracey Ullman Takes On New York, was an award-winning success.These bits run around the episode's long sketches; each episode features two to three of them, except in episodes which featured one big storyline with many of the characters taking part or interacting with one another.