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However, where I am 6' 2" with broad shoulders, she is on the small size at 5' 4". Then she used her index finger to capture some of the juice and brought it to her mouth. I figured she was going to give me a hand job like she had done the other night. It felt like my balls were exploding as they pumped their contents into her sucking mouth. The ball game was exciting and went extra innings, but I hardly paid attention. Suddenly my words caught in my throat as I stared at her now naked body. I moaned excitedly as she held her pussy over my mouth. I sighed and bent my legs a bit to push my hips toward her.

Then, without a moment's hesitation, she wrapped her lips around it and began to suck. Then the inevitable happened and I began to get excited again. "I had something a little less violent in mind." "Alright." "See you tonight." She leaned closer and kissed my lips. Then I threw them into her clothes hamper, moving around other garments to hide the sodden panties. My cock, which was trapped down the leg of my short's throbbed, lifting the material. Safe in my room, l leaned against the door and took several deep breaths. The bathroom was a mess as it was most of the time after Cindy was there.

The noise of her lips echoed in my ears as I continued to stroke my cock. Keep it up and I'm going to cum." I heard my sister moan and assumed that she was going to pull away. My sister continued to pump his cock and swallow until the shaft began to shrink. I knew that she could feel it, but yet she didn't pull away. Chapter 3 I was in the kitchen when Cindy came home that evening. "Better fix that before you cut off circulation," she said nodding toward my lap with a smile. There were makeup articles strewn across the counter and clothes and towels on the floor. I moved her makeup into a neat pile on the side of the counter and wiped it down.

My Sister and I By: rgjohn Introduction I was fourteen when the accident happened. Then she added, "I tried to call his cell phone ten times and there was no answer." I wanted to leap for joy. fending off twenty guys trying to pick me up." "I'm so sorry Sis," I said as sincerely as I could muster. While I knew what I had done was devious, I had convinced myself that it was the best thing for Cindy. I held my eyes there for a moment longer, enjoying the view while denying myself the pleasure of looking at her crotch. There was a bubble of clear pussy juice coming from the hole. I could hear a roar that sounded like the ocean in my ears. As I approached her pussy, I could smell her sweet scent. My cock throbbed in my shorts and I worried that I was going to climax. I was surprised that I had been between her legs for almost an hour. When I did, she blew up and called me names, screaming at me, "How could you do this to me? I wasn't used to drinking and had half a bottle of liquor. Well, I passed out in an alley, where I slept the entire night. When she scolded me for staying out all night, I said, "What difference did it make to you. I was so excited that I almost tripped over the coffee table to get the video. Her skirt was pulled to her waist and she didn't have panties on. The white flesh of her breasts contrasted wonderfully with the black of the corset.

My Mom and Dad were driving home from a dinner party on a rainy evening. My Dad, who was severely injured, recovered from his physical injuries, but never recovered from the emotional trauma of causing the death of my mother. However, I caught myself and said, "Well, maybe he just got hung up in traffic." "Yeah, right," she said with a slight slur to her voice. From somewhere far away I heard Cindy's voice again. Oh God, eat my cunt." Then she grabbed my head in her hands. A second later, my lips touched her smooth and swollen sex lips. Her pussy opened, spreading across my lips like a wet, juicy peach. I sat back with juice dripping from my chin and a silly look on my face. Not about having sex with my sister, but about what I had done to make it happen... I kept telling myself that it was for her own good. You hate me anyway." Cindy got a shocked look on her face. We sat on the sofa and watched the rest of the movie. Fields took on several other men, with her husband always being the last one to fuck her. Sometimes she would come out of the bathroom naked or accidentally let her towel slip. I was in my underwear, my cock sticking through the opening. When the slick and swollen lips wrapped around the head of my cock, I couldn't control myself.

She is a type "A" personality and has always been highly motivated. A gasp escaped my lips when she straightened up and pulled my cock down until the head was an inch from her still hard nipple. She pulled back and grabbed the base of my cock, like she had done when she masturbated me, and cut off my climax. Her hand began to pump up and down as her mouth sucked the head. She had been unable to drink all of my juice and some of it had run down the shaft to pool in my pubic hair. Cindy looked up at me with a smile and said, "Yum, you taste good little brother." Her tongue came out and she licked a gob of cum from the corner of her mouth. Her juices were streaming from her hole and onto my chin.

She generally knows what she wants and how to get it. She pumped the shaft again, causing a large bubble of juice to form at the tip. My mouth was open as I gasped to suck air into my lungs. The sizzling bacon and perking coffee filled the kitchen with the smell of breakfast. Everything will be ready in a minute." Cindy sat down but she didn't pick up the paper. I opened my mouth wide and sucked both her inner and out lips inside. Her hips pressed down, forcing my head into the pillow. I watched as she pulled her shirt off and stepped into the tight confines of the shower stall. With that she slid down my wet body to kneel at my feet.

Cindy is a gorgeous girl with light brown hair and hazel eyes. My cock wasn't as hard, but it was still a formidable bulge in my shorts. She opened my shorts and quickly stripped them off of me. Cindy stared at my weapon and said, "Wow, it looks even bigger than before." She wrapped her hand around the pulsing shaft, holding it up as if inspecting it. "I've been thinking about you all night," she whispered with excitement in her voice. I was hoping that you would come into my room when you got home." I shook my head...

She is built very well, with large breasts and very narrow waist. Her hand moved up and down the long tube, squeezing juice from the swollen head. Cindy held her mouth on the head and pumped my cock with her fist. " I screamed as my balls unleashed a huge load of sperm. Then she was moaning and swallowing as she pumped me. I played golf terribly and lost a few bucks, but I didn't care. I also knew that I had to go slow and let her take the lead. "Sis, what..." I started to say, but stopped when she reached down and pulled her nightshirt over her head. Slowly my sphincter adjusted and allowed her to pump her finger in and out with ease.

I couldn't believe that my sister was sucking this guy. Somehow that made me feel better, but I wasn't sure why. that's it, suck me," Dexter said as he grabbed my sister's head and directed it up and down on his cock. Then I watched in total disbelief as she began to pump his shaft quickly, keeping the head inside her mouth. Then she smacked her lips as she pulled his cock out. It obviously was not the first time she had done that. I shouldn't even be living here." Cindy looked at me as tears rolled down her cheek. There was nothing I could do so I remained in her embrace, my face turning red with embarrassment. Finally she shrugged her shoulders and looked at me with embarrassment before taking the clothes to the bathroom hamper. I wasn't much of a cook, but I had fixed some spaghetti, warmed up some Italian bread, and opened a bottle of her favorite wine. I've been on my feet all day." "Well, get a shower and change, then we'll have dinner. Later Cindy returned wearing a purple silk kimono housedress that hugged her bust and came down to the middle of her thighs. The spaghetti was passable and the store bought Italian bread was good. I could feel my face turning red with every hardening pulse of my cock. When I picked up the towels, a pair of panties dropped to the floor.

I wasn't exactly naive, but I didn't think my sister would do something like that. He began to move his hips back and forth, his fingers twisted in her hair. " he gasped and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. When he pulled it back out, it was slick with her saliva. I watched as they both froze, her hand and throat the only things moving. As they turned around toward the bedrooms, I quickly closed the door. When we finally moved apart, I could have sworn that she glanced down at the bulge in my boxer shorts. I sat back down at the table quickly to hide my state of excitement. When she came back she stopped in front of me and bent over, resting her arms on my shoulders and looking into my eyes. I put a white tablecloth on the kitchen table (we didn't have a dining room) and lit a candle in the middle. Before the movie I'll give you one of my famous foot massages." She loved it when I massaged her feet. Her hair was freshly washed and hung in wet curls to her shoulders. "This was wonderful Robbie," Cindy said sincerely as she sipped her third glass of wine. It's the least I can do." Cindy surprised me when she got up and sat on my lap. As I started to reach for them, I realized that my hand was trembling. Over and over his long cock went deep into her ass until he screamed in climax. I couldn't believe how soft and cool her hand felt on my burning cock.

They were powder blue and clung to her ass cheeks like a second skin. I was surprised when I felt her tongue pushing on my lips. I hadn't kissed many girls, but I am a quick learner. Even if he knew that I was doing this (the photo of Cindy and him kissing could give me away), it didn't matter. "Thank you Robbie." "Sis..." "Robbie..." we said at the same time. "I'm sorry for the things I said," I said sincerely.