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Plotting to defeat Britain, Donnchadh proposes a peace treaty, promising his daughter Isolde in marriage to the winner of a tournament.

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Isolde tells Tristan that she is his anytime he wants.Tristan is torn between his love for Isolde and his loyalty to Marke, a man whom he loves as a father.Lord Marke of Cornwall plans to unify the peoples of Britain – Celts, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes – under himself as high king to resist Irish domination.Most lords agree to this, as Marke is highly regarded and respected as a fair and courageous leader.Tristan and other Cornish warriors launch an attack on an Irish slave caravan.

Tristan fights Morholt, the champion and leader of the army of Donnchadh, whose lord's daughter, Princess Isolde, has been promised to Morholt in marriage.

James Franco has responded to yesterday's news that he attempted to pick up a 17-year-old girl on social media.

Reports surfaced on Thursday, courtesy of the teen's uploaded text messages, that the 35-year-old actor pursued Lucy Clode, a tourist from Scotland, after meeting her outside his Broadway show Of Mice and Men. "On Friday, Franco addressed the situation on live TV.

Feeling compassion for the young boy, whose father loyally supported him, Marke welcomes Tristan into his home and regards him as a son.

Nine years later, Tristan has grown into a fierce, courageous warrior whose loyalty to Marke is not that of a knight to his lord, but rather a son to his father.

Tristan returns to Cornwall and receives a hero's welcome.