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The makers of Grindr actually released a version aimed at straight users, called Blendr, but it never caught on, perhaps because the safeguards of Tinder were not in place.

Snapchat - Not technically for dating, but certainly an app that has been used to facilitate it, Snapchat is the megapopular photo-messaging service that allows Android and i Phone users to send each other pictures and videos that disappear forever after a designated amount of time (10 seconds is the maximum length).

To keep out poseurs or frauds, you’ll need an “.edu” email address to prove that you are a current student, or a match in the alumni records of your selected university to prove that you actually attended classes.

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The invitation-only app (which has yet to launch, but which is coming soon to i OS and Android and has already attracted tons of press) initially works like Tinder: Upload a photo, designate which gender(s) you’re interested in and then start choosing fellow users who tickle your fancy.If you match with someone, however, it’s expected that you will just immediately do the deed.Or, the boys on Tinder will make crude comments, which can make girls uncomfortable – at best.Fun fact: One of the co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe, left the company to start Bumble, another app mainly used for dating.Men and women, but specifically college students and millennials, will use Tinder to find someone to date. Many times, however, after talking to someone and deciding to meet up, things don’t really end well.

The night may culminate in just a hook-up, when one person might have been looking for something more long-term.

Traditional dating sites like and e Harmony have always been a hard sell on college campuses, where the incredible density of young single people all living in the same buildings makes turning to the Internet to find love seem unnecessary and old-fashioned.

But now, a new breed of dating services is making headway with this younger and more carefree demographic.

Once you’re in, you can find coeds on your campus who share your interests, all without stepping out of your dorm room or actually talking to anybody.

” Most of us know what Tinder is, and if you don’t, it’s a location-based app which allows two mutually interested people to connect and chat.

You work out whose place is free and then you get to it. Bang With Friends - No subtlety here, either: Connect your Facebook account to BWF and choose which of your friends you’d be interested in spending the night with.