Adult personal webcam directory Does updating to ios 5 delete pictures

Organizing your photos into albums is a great way to keep similar photos and videos together.

One of the really neat options in the Photos app is Places.This feature allows you to view photos based on the geographical location they were taken rather than when they were taken, which is the standard way.With the release of every new i OS, managing and organizing your photos gets easier.The i Phone Photos app is smooth to navigate and makes it a breeze to manage and sort your photos and videos into albums.The introduction of i Cloud Drive (requires i OS 5 or later on i Phone 3GS or later) has made it easy to store your photos online and access them from any device.

You can also manage them and move photos around in albums within the i Cloud Photo Library.*The Optimize i Phone Storage feature will replace high-resolution files on your phone with "optimized versions." The larger files can still be found in i Cloud.If you do not enable the i Cloud Photo Library, then any edits you make to the albums on your i Phone will not be synced to your i Cloud Photo Library.It's also important to keep up on how much storage is left in your i Cloud account.The launch of i OS 8 brought many changes to the i Phone Photos app and the way your images are stored in albums.However, albums in the i Phone Photos app do not work this way.