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A Sheikh Akram Eid, a longtime family friend of the Alamuddins, told NOW that Amal was born to Ramzi Alamuddin and his wife Baaria Meknas, a Sunni from Tripoli.Ramzi was the son of Khalil Alamuddin, who used to serve as the head of the Baaqline municipality. He told NOW that the Alamuddin family was well-known and respected in Baaqline.But the key word here is “traditionally” – Malaeb’s husband was sexually mutilated because of her parents’ culture, but it appears that culturally modernized Druze with high social capital have different values and more leeway when it comes to patterns of behaviour.

In 1017 the doctrine was publicly preached for the first time, causing riots in Cairo.There was also conflict within the emerging movement as the leading proponent of the doctrine of al-Ḥākim’s divinity, Ḥamzah ibn ʿAlī ibn Aḥmad al-Zūzanī, found himself competing for authority and followers with a former disciple, Muḥammad al-Darāzī.The incident may have led to the Friday night melee.Members of the Druze community serve in the IDF and the Israeli Border Police, while members of the rest of Israel’s Arab community largely do not.Six Israelis have been killed in Palestinian terrorist attacks in recent weeks, including a Druze Border Police officer.

Ynet reported that, earlier in the week, two Muslim students at the local high school showed up wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh as a show of protest and were allegedly planning to demonstrate against the shooting of Kheir Hamdan in Kafr Kanna when a confrontation broke out with the Druze students.

https:// Channel 10 reported that the fight erupted over the security situation, which has seen recent tensions with Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank — in part over Israeli plans to step up building activity in the city’s eastern sector and religious tensions at the Temple Mount — spread to Israeli Arab communities after last Saturday’s police shooting of a 22-year-old man in Kafr Kanna.

Palestinian leaders have used inflammatory language to warn against Israeli plans to change the status quo and allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount — something Israel has denied.

Sheikh Sami Abi al-Mouna, president of the Druze Sectarian Council’s cultural committee, told NOW…: “When raising his/her children, a Druze strives to convince them of the need to marry a fellow Druze for the same of society’ stability and coherence, thus securing its future.”“If inter-faith marriage occurs within the community, it is dealt with in such a way as to preserve one’s dignity.

We do not make threats or deal with the person who marries outside the community with harshness, but guidance is our duty.” Coexistence, he added, “happens through politics and political parties that are not affiliated with any religion, rather than within religions and inter-faith marriage.” Traditionally, a Druze man who marries out is shunned, while a woman who marries out will be in danger due to beliefs about honour, shame and parental control.

The story quotes unnamed sources as saying that Baria, a journalist and broadcaster in the Middle East and the United Kingdom, thinks her daughter “can do better” than Clooney, specifically by marrying into the family’s Druze religion.