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What are your thoughts of "Think Like A Man" after watching it for the first time?

Who knew these two great songs would blend so well?? Ch-ch-check out the most unique performance of the night (above)!

After my fourth son received his mission call (Canada Montreal, Mandarin speaking!

) our friends and neighbors celebrated with us and shared all the usual tidbits of information about the mission and people they knew in the area, etc.

Oddly, in the midst of all the congratulations, my fifth son heard something different.

And the kind of issues that we face as detectives are similar to what the other married couples out there are facing, or the brother and sister, or the brother and brother are facing. Earlier in your career you had a brief stint on Broadway. I'm trying to find a way to get back to Broadway, I am. [Laughs] I could say it, but it'll be in conflict with what's coming out on stage right now.

— and then the two came together for a live mashup!Over and over people said to him, “Wow, your brothers have all had such interesting mission calls.Ha, I bet you’ll go somewhere boring like Wyoming/Nevada/Idaho.” I stood next to him during these conversations enough times to know people just thought they were being clever and funny; they certainly didn’t mean any offense.I think we’d all like to be the delightful person who says just the right thing.I hope to leave everyone feeling a little happier and a little better (not running from me in the halls at church).They can expect to see a little bit more of the action/comedy mixture.