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, Lindsay Lohan confirmed the leaked list of her "sexual inventory" is real. "That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford.

As someone who has used the word “fag,” as well as several other homophobic slurs in his music, it’s no surprise that his latest single, “We Made You,” takes stabs at some high-profile lesbians.The song and accompanying video specifically mention Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, with the lyrics: Does he really want us to answer that?However, it appears the star is partial to a dating app, as he was spotted on Bumble in August 2017.Sam is also now an ambassador for another dating app, Badoo.(Note: Some of these ladies have been mentioned more than once in Eminem's song, but we singled out one particularly rough lyric.)Lana Del Rey"Play nice?

Bitch, I'll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice." ("Shady XV -- THE CXVPHER")Mariah Carey"What you trying be, my new wife? Fly through twice." ("Superman")Kim Mathers"Don't you get it, bitch?'/ I should download her audio on MP3 and show the whole world how you gave Eminem VD." ("The Real Slim Shady")Britney Spears"These f---ing brats can't sing and Britney's garbage/ What's this bitch, retarded? Give me back my 16 dollars." ("Marshall Mathers")Lady Gaga"Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/ She's still a male lady." ("A Kiss")Pamela Anderson"Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee's tits off and smacked her so hard I knocked her clothes backwards like Kris Kross." ("My Name Is")Miley Cyrus"Six semen samples, 17 strands of hair found at the back of a van after the shoot at / Hannah Montana, prepare to elope with a can opener and be cut open like cantaloupe on canopy beds." ("3 A. Bitch I'll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice in broad daylight in the plain sight of the elevator surveillance/ Till her head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens."Eminem Says He'll Punch Lana Del Rey 'Like Ray Rice' in New Cypher Why Del Rey is in Eminem's crosshairs is anyone's guess, but she's hardly his first female target.Below, check out all the notable women who have felt Em's lyrical wrath over the years.If was when the Mean Girls actress found her brother on the app, and posted it on Instagram with the caption: “Look who I just found on @tinderapp…bro,” that people realised the star was part of the dating app scene.