Error validating users agent

Actions dispatched to an agent from another single agent or thread will occur in the order they were sent, potentially interleaved with actions dispatched to the same agent from other sources.

send should be used for actions that are CPU limited, while send-off is appropriate for actions that may block on IO.

, not autonomous - there is no imperative message loop and no blocking receive.

The state of an Agent should be itself immutable (preferably an instance of one of Clojure’s persistent collections), and the state of an Agent is always immediately available for reading by any thread (using the deref function or reader macro @) without any messages, i.e.

We can stop supporting "type":"any" in release 1.4 (1.4 kubectl will not be able to work with 1.2 apiserver, which is fine since we support version skew of only 1).

Verify that the entry in the Server document field "Run unrestricted methods and operations" is correct and contains the name Sametime Development/Lotus Notes Companion Products. Verify that the database is signed with the server id.

When an Agent has errors cached, any subsequent interactions will immediately throw an exception, until the agent’s errors are cleared.

Agent errors can be examined with agent-error and the agent restarted with restart-agent.

I have Arc GIS for Server 10.3.1 installed on a vm with Windows Server 2012.

I am using a Web Adaptor on my web server which is on a different machine.

I am using Active Directory for my user store, Arc GIS authentication and roles.

This is an intermittent error meaning sometimes my credentials work and sometimes they don't!

Here is a screen capture of the error: I also have some secured services that go through a proxy to display for the public website.