Facebook like button not updating restore a jailbroken iphone without updating

So from a viewpoint of this networks the new url appears as a new page which has not been shared before. There is no way to get the old share count back, so think about it carefully if it is realy useful to change your site url structure before you do this.

Most times you have more drawbacks than advantages when changing url´s. url= This should result in something like: Go to your website- Adjust width, app ID (or remove it) and url to your needs.

Some Mashshare Add-Ons need a Facebook APP ID to get rich of all possible features. After making changes in your FB App ID account it sometimes happens that Facebook changes the APP ID without telling you. Check these example screenshots of the Facebook APP ID account: The name of the APP ID is not important but should reflect your website or the Mashshare Add-On it is for.

If this APP ID is not working properly you ll run into issue like: If you get any of this errors verify that your APP ID is working: Go to your app settings in https://developers.facebook.com/ click the advanced settings tab and check if your APP is in sandbox mode. Do only use small letters and do not uses spaces in the names.

Font size of the share count: The Whatsapp share button is only shown on i Phone i OS and Android devices when the Social network add-on is installed.

If you like to have the share count enabled on small mobile devices use this in custom css: It takes some time for the script to detect the sharing.

If you want to have more often updated share counts you can register at sharecount for a premium account and you are able to use a api key which increases your daily request limit.

Within the settings page of Mashshare Share buttons you find the register link.Many took to social media in order to vent their frustration, but luckily it seems like there is a fairly simple way to fix your Facebook for Android app.In order to get your Facebook app up and running again, you’ll first need to close down Facebook completely on your phone - including removing it from running in the background.Then, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the Facebook for Android app using Google Play.Facebook frequently updates its apps to try and provide users with a smooth and fast user experience, but it seems that a recent release may be behind the crash.Be aware of the “green dot” which signalised the accurate working of the APP ID Important is the correct website url your are planning to use the APP ID for!