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His mother, Alisa Landis, told him he just had a bad dream and that he could sleep with her and his father.

No, no, no, it was a bear, Zach insisted, adding the animal had climbed out the window.

Their neighbors also saw a large black bear in the days before the window caper."We don't live in a state of fear or being paranoid or anything," Alisa Landis said.

See more » I know I saw the 2001 Italian original, but didn't remember much about it until I saw Tony Goldwyn's remake and the scenes and story came back.And it then surprised me how much of the original I managed to remember.See full summary » Michael and Jenna, having been a couple for three years, want to get married and start a family.These plans seem to be well on their way when Jenna announces that she's pregnant.Meanwhile, none of the relationships of the people surrounding Michael and Jenna are happy and stable.

Michael's friend Izzy is unwilling to let go of his childhood sweetheart Arianna; Kenny is a handsome stud who fears commitment to his latest conquest Danielle; and Chris is a co-worker who is dominated by his neurotic and overbearing wife over raising their newborn son.

Despite having a gorgeous fiancée Jenna (the lovely Jacinda Barrett), he finds temptation around the corner. They never interfere with the Michael-Jenna saga, yet add to the complexities of the story.

However, I found it interesting that while in the Italian film, the object of the protagonist's desire was a high-school Lolita, Haggis and Co.

Zach screamed, and the man-sized animal bolted out the window and disappeared, the boy recalled Friday about the Monday night encounter at his home on a large, thickly wooded lot.

The boy scrambled over the shattered glass and ran upstairs to tell his parents."Mom, Dad, there's a bear in my room," he blurted.

Two people were killed by black bears in what are believed to be rare predatory attacks, but predatory behavior is not believed to have been what drove the bear in Monday's residential visit.