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We try to keep this info up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.Here are in-depth You Tube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Florida Tallahassee Mission.Shirt designs include Florida Tallahassee Mission logo/emblem shirts and Called to Serve shirts.The shirts make great gifts for pre-missionaries, returned missionaries and missionaries currently serving.We work with reproductive endocrinologists in the area to provide options.

Here’s a recent address for the Florida Tallahassee Mission.Some of Kanapaha’s gardens are organized taxonomically; others demonstrate principles of ecology or natural selection.Kanapaha’s signature plants include a premier stand of Chinese royal bamboo (Wong Chuk), and–during the warm months–giant Victoria water lilies and Asian snake arums. Living History Farm Where: Gainesville What is it: The Living History Farm is located at Morningside Nature Center, Gainesville’s premier nature park.We scoured You Tube to find the best quality videos about Florida, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Florida Tallahassee Mission.Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Where: Gainesville What is it: Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is comprised of 24 major collections visually accessible from a 1 ½ mile paved walkway.