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“It was a stupid, harmless act that destroyed my life,” Spingler said in court Thursday, the newspaper reported.“I mean, my reputation is destroyed, my business is destroyed.

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A Delaware County jury on Thursday found former Radnor Township Commissioner Bill Spingler guilty of indecent assault on a person with a mental disability for touching the breast of a 103-year-old woman during visits to her Wayne nursing home last year.

28, and ordered a psychosexual evaluation of Spingler, who remains free on bail.

After Scott Disick tried to one-up Kourtney Kardashian by hanging out with 19-year-old Bella Thorne in Cannes, the former Disney Channel star grew tired of his bad behavior and ditched him. (Photo Credit: Splash) MORE: Beyoncé’s Lemonade Stand, Ariel Winter’s Bikini Line, and 5 Other Celebrity Business We Just Invented Because Someone Had To Scott and his on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend seemed to be having a contest to see who was living their best life while in Cannes back in May.

Teenagers may have had social gatherings in which making out was the predominant event.

In the United States, these events were referred to as "make-out parties" and would sometimes be confined to a specific area, called the "make-out room".

Teenagers sometimes play party games in which making out is the main activity as an act of exploration.

Games in this category include seven minutes in heaven and spin the bottle.

An episode of making out is frequently referred to as a "make-out session" or simply "making out," depending on the speaker's vernacular.

The perceived significance of making out may be affected by the age and relative sexual experience of the participants.

And then bolder ones will come along who will go further, to peeping and showing – and soon we shall have accepted in the technique of analysis the whole repertoire of demi-viergerie and petting parties".