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] (Now if it wasn't for the West These rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest) [It's like this and like that!

] [Verse 2] I don't give a fuck Catch me in da 'hood all blue Chucks, gangbanged the fuck out Cuz Only thing I like that Ryde Ruff is Eve And all the rest of y'all niggas who Ryde Ruff get these I'mma tell you one mo' time and I won't say it again Kurupt said it mothafucka from beginnin' to end You salamander-ass, caterpillar-ass mothafucka Fake-ass busta-ass fake killa mothafucka If it wasn't for the West These rap niggas wouldn't need a vest for they chest Quoted from my fuckin' homie X The Lox y'all my mothafuckas, can't forget ya'll And that's spoken on by the mothafuckin Dogg All the rest of ya'll, tell ya like this Eat a fat dick, bitch I'm Callin Out Names! ] (Now if it wasn't for the West These rap niggas wouldn't need a vest around they chest) [It's like this and like that!

Nope, it's DMX, Foxie and a ton of people who had nothing to do with it. Nas, AZ, Murder Inc, 50 Cent, The Rough Riders and anyone who knew Foxie or DMX.

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Kurupt had dated Foxy Brown and the two became engaged.Then they split up and she may or may not have moved on to DMX. So he goes in the studio and records "Callin Out Names." This isn't a diss track to just DMX.Nobody actually replied to him because he was just being crazy. People were chilling at home and heard the song on the radio and asked "What did I ever do to Kurupt." Don't you know Kurupt is crazy?One of the legendary lines of the song is "Trynna sign Daz, nigga Daz 'll sign you." That's a dope line, funny thing is Kurupt would later beef with Daz, because Daz signed to Death Row. Look man, Kurupt is crazy, I know because he randomly yells out "Kurupt says fuck em" for no reason at all.Don't call Drake and Meek petty and long for the old days of rap music if you just can't seem to remember the petty actions of the past. Kurupt - Calling Out Names Back when Big Sean dropped his song "Control" and the world went crazy for Kendrick Lamar's King of New York line Kurupt came up. Then Kurupt goes on Vlad TV and does some kind of rant and I'm not sure if he is mad at Kendrick or not, I also think he might have been "on that stuff," as your grandmother would say.

Anyway, Kurupt is petty, not because of that interview but because of his legendary diss track 'Callin Out Names." It was a great track, but it's so petty.

The rapper decided she was unwilling to continue this lifestyle and dropped out of the business for a while, returning to her life as Inga Marchand.

She resumed her music career in 2001 with the release of her third record Broken Silence, addressing many of the issues that had come to haunt her public persona.

She took all your shots and now she's firing back. I'm happy for her that she has found peace within herself.

Kurupt opened up to Vlad TV about how TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes advised him on how to leave his deal with Death Row Records.

She has said she woke up completely deaf on , though her hearing eventually returned.