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Literotica (a portmanteau of Literature and Erotica) is a free erotic fiction website.

It allows any user to register as an author and submit stories and has over a million registered users as of April 2010 Literotica, a United States based web site, received 44% of its web traffic from the United States.

Members of the message boards, also known as 'Literoticans', 'Litizens' or 'Litsters', sometimes meet in what are known as 'Litogethers.' This is where members from particular areas plan an event, in order to socialize with others they have formed friendships with online. Originally this was through Digi Chat's Java client software, but because of continued cyber attacks, this moved to a Flash-based client.

As of December 2015, it has been operating on a web-based client.

Could be useful for others that are texturing complex models: Ser Well, don't expect full multiplayer support soon.

It would be the griefer's dream at this stage and I share Jeb's concerns that it will stress servers a lot when several players are flying around at the same time. :wink.gif: But I managed to do an idle animation of Ender Dragons on ground: I had to re-model and realign the legs for that, it would look very strange with the original leg proportions.

According to, other countries with a notable share of the site's web traffic are India with 9.2%, Germany with 8.1%, the United Kingdom with 5.8%, and Canada with 4.4%.

Literotica was amongst the first adult sites to be open to story creators, quickly having replaced the usenet erotic story sections.

Its few rules prohibit stories about paedophilia and bestiality (except fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns), and it is mostly aimed towards amateur writers and readers who prefer the (largely) image-free environment.

The stories themselves are categorized into various themes, and there are also categories for stories with pictures and stories with audio.

:biggrin.gif: Now if I had any idea how to make them actually walk, then this could become indeed an interesting mod.

And I need to figure out how to fold the wings, it's impossible with the current code base...

Chat rooms are moderated and the discussion of certain themes will lead to users being banned from the system.