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The video options are as excellent as ever with the latest videos containing three different Flash streaming options, four different . Download speeds were as good as I always remembered them being on the network.

Both photo and screenshot galleries are available for ZIP download, with screenshots usually sized at 1280x720px and photos, at their best, sized at 2000x1333px. Like an old friend dropping by for afternoon tea, how wonderful to see you again!

I just cancelled for the 3rd month in a row, this time over the phone so that I could get a verbal confirmation.We'll see if this does the trick but I'm afraid the damage is done-I can't, in good conscience, ever do business with these guys again. if u are a past member and u click on a sample picture, it signs u up for another membership with out any conformation. Teen Love Amazing collection of horny young teens showing hardcore sex in front of the camera in many porn picture series on large thumbnails.This clean site is updated every day with new fresh content!Their big name sites are not showing their age, which is good to see, and overall this is still arguably THE best and most recognisable porn network around.

However, I would love to see them put more effort into newer sites and ideas to keep ahead of the pack. I'm sorry to say that this former great site has kept charging me despite cancelling repeatedly.

" What, do your friends have something against sex? I wish she would stay solo from the beginning, though.

I love how people accuse porn stars of being dirty but then VISIT PORN SITES AND WATCH PORN...i showed a picture of her face to my friends a while ago they thought she's a new hollywood actress, they just couldn't believe what she does, lol.

The women aren't as hot as they used to have on here. u may not even know ur a member till u notice the money coming out monthly.

I called about a refund and was told I would have it in 7-10 days(I also have the email).

Every hi-definition video, every photo, in every site that we have is 100% Exclusive to these sites.